What is the online marketing process?


What is the online marketing process?

The Core target for online marketing is to build a long run relationship with customers and creating perfect brand awareness.

When we making a comparison between online marketing and Other Marketing Media we will find that.

– Online marketing has the lowest cost and high amazing results.

-Online Marketing has no specific approach.

The application depends on a lot of components as:

  1. Your Target Market.

  2. Your Goals strategy.

  3. Competition.

  4. Management budget and resources for marketing.

SO, To Create amazing online marketing process you need to creative in making it based on your resources.

You can use Online Marketing Tools and Methods which are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important tool in the  online  marketing process.

Millions of users search every day about their need and go to the website to the first page of google search.

If you success to appear in the first results in google So, a huge traffic will be driven to your website and you can generate leads from it.

The optimization process takes a lot of time to get results from and you need to start the Search engine optimization before creating the website.
Core Steps for successful Search Engine optimization process :

Building  web design with high usability.

Determine the main keywords to build content can appear in Search Engines.

Use google analytics tool.

If you don’t know how to use google analytics tool you can see this video by Michael.


  • Build backlinks to your website after publishing to build a high reputation on the internet.

the main factors which Search engines looking  at to pull results from  pages are :
• The Architecture of the website.
• The unique Content.
• The Links. and the website speed.

  • When you start to plan your website Take Care of the website layout and identifying page


  • online marketing process

Content marketing through blogs.

  • Online Public relation (PR) and Advertising.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Affiliates Techniques.

Each method has its own process and impact bus you need to use more than two methods of them at least to can get your goals and generate leads from your online marketing.

SEO takes a lot of time to get results from and need a huge effort to make your website in Search Engine and get traffic from google.

Content marketing through blogs.

You can make blog page  in your website because this will help you get traffic from google through content marketing.

Blogs are a perfect driver for Google, bing and yahoo engines. The architecture for blogs that help you get traffic from Google

Remember that:

Blogs is a perfect tool in an online marketing process that can support your SEO in Google.

Also, it’s a perfect way you can use to make online advertising and build awareness for your brand.

online marketing process

Social Media Marketing:

We are living in Social Media revolution Social Media websites consider one of the most important methods in online marketing because it allows a huge number of users to post and recommend products and services every second.

Social Media marketing channels are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , Google+ , LinkedIn ,Instagram , Snapchat , Pinterest Reddit, Stumbleupon.

Email bulk services or  Email Marketing:

One of the greatest tools for building long run relationships with your customers is email marketing.

 online marketing process